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Luxury Closet Features

Closet design in the primary bedroom has become a new luxury feature in homes. Here are some of the most sought-after items for those who want to enhance the style and storage in their closets.

Upgraded Lighting

Many homeowners are adding dramatic lighting in their closets. Some popular choices include lighted clothing rods and shelves, chandeliers and sconces.

Built-in Dressers

Integrated storage and built-in dressers are must-haves for homeowners seeking to keep all their clothes and accessories in a single, organized space.

Storage for Valuables

Many homeowners want drawers specifically designed to hold jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other small valuables. These locking drawers are often lined with velvet or satin. A small safe is another important item to conceal within the closet.

Dressing Areas

A large, attractive space with a full-length mirror, comfy seating and even artwork is increasingly popular for dressing areas in the closet.


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