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Get Your Garage in Gear With Clever Storage Solutions

If your garage is stuffed with stuff and in need of crafty ways to clear clutter, look no more. Here are five easy fixes to get organized.

  1. Add pegboards for wall organization. Use hooks of various sizes to hang tools, cleaning supplies, cords, and more.

  2. Wire shelving along walls provides another storage option. These open shelving units hold a variety of items and serve as an affordable alternative to more expensive cabinetry.

  3. Build cubbies for family organization. Assign one cubby to each family member for an easy and convenient storage solution.

  4. Use clear plastic containers with lids and labels to store loose items like toys and sports equipment.

  5. Repurpose tackle boxes to store hardware. Nuts, bolts, screws, and nails fit perfectly into the compartments.


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