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When Opportunity Knocks, Choose the Right Interior Door

Whether you're renovating to sell or simply replacing a few doors, know our options so you can select the right doors for your home.

Interior doors are one of the essential assets offering a visual impact to your home. Most often homeowners overlook Interior doors when renovating their home. However, these doors add functional aspects and add to the privacy and security of your home. Available in a variety of designs and styles, they provide partitions between your rooms. They also avoid any buffering noise intruding in your rooms.

Styles of Doors

Double Doors come with great strength and durability. They come in a variety of style, types, glazing options, and finishes. The very famous Internal French doors and Barn doors come under the category of these doors.

They come in a variety of materials and woods like the solid Oak and Walnut doors, PVC, white-framed, and pre-finished doors.

The most common style of interior doors homeowners choose is the Panel doors. Their simple silhouette can fit in almost any interior style. These door styles are available in a variety of styles. This depends on the number and style of panels you want to add. Choose from the horizontal or vertical versions or the glazed or unglazed one to style your home. You can choose from two to twelve panels doors to add a new look to your room.

Types of Doors

Solid-wood doors are the gold standard. But they're expensive and may warp under certain conditions. If you would rather not splurge on a wood door, consider using hollow-core door that is lighter and easier to install. Be aware that these doors can be less durable and harder to repair than their solid-wood counterparts.

As a third option, a solid-core door is a good compromise between price and durability, Solid core doors are typically wood-framed and vinyl coated with a synthetic solid inner core. This provides great sound and heat insulation while also keeping the look of a traditional solid wood door. The solid core door is on the heavier side, but comparatively lighter than a typical solid wood door. These doors are more damage resistant and tend not to fluctuate in size based on heat and moisture content.

Consider your options:

Aesthetics - The density of a solid-core door suggests quality and craftsmanship. They are sturdy, attractive and easy to paint.

Noise Reduction - Solid-core doors are the perfect solution for home offices, bedrooms and other spaces where you want to create privacy or serenity.

Durability - Solid-core doors hold up to daily wear and tear, so the higher cost compared to hollow-core doors pays off over time.

Interior doors are one of the most important components to consider while redesigning your home's interior. Most importantly, to ensure a great fit for your interior design, you must be aware of the many types of interior doors available. Make your home stand out from the others by choosing the perfect door.


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