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Tips About Filing a Homeowner's Claim

It's good to know your homeowner's insurance can provide a dome of protection should something break or malfunction. But it's not always in your best interest to file a claim. Here are some scenarios where you might want to consider skipping the claim process.

The claim is related to a maintenance issue. If you've put off maintaining your roof, fence or plumbing and damage occurs, your claim will likely be denied. Keeping up with regular maintenance is the best way to avoid this issue. The expense is close to your deductible. If the cost of your claim is nearly as much as your deductible, it's wise to pay for the repairs yourself, avoiding potential premium hikes. You're filing multiple claims. Filing multiple claims within a short amount of time may put your policy renewal at risk. The claim is for something not covered by your policy. Filing a claim for something your policy doesn't cover can also lead to higher premiums.


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