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The Latest Home Decor Trends

The hottest style in home decor is your own style, and this year has opened the door to whatever your imagination can create. Trends are moving toward highly personal spaces that deliver joy to the household. So go ahead — bring your visions to life without constraints. If you need a little inspiration, try these charming ideas.

Home Decor Trends

Matte finishes and subtle textures create a nice balance to a bold design with vibrant colors. There are many ways to add subdued texture to home design, and they all boil down to what you can see and touch. Visual elements like fluted wooden wall slats can elevate the visual appeal of your space. Tactile furnishings, like the soft leather of a chair or the intricate wood grain of a coffee table, leave a lasting feeling of comfort.

Oversized elements are a unique way to add visual drama to interior design. Consider using a stone slab as a kitchen island or backsplash that extends to the ceiling, or make your space feel bigger with large floor tiles and less grout. Oversized light fixtures with sculptural, colorful and sparkling features can add artistry and functionality to your space, while big novelty pieces bring playfulness to home decor that can make you feel like you're a kid again.

One-of-a-kind home design fits perfectly because it's all about you. Sentimental pieces incorporated throughout your home can serve as little sparks of pride, humor or happiness. Unique decor trends also support sustainability as you hunt for that perfect vintage painting, retro lamp or antique dresser.


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