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Natural Elements of Interior Design

Interior designers understand that people feel grounded and calm when surrounded by organic elements. Natural materials can add a touch of organic beauty and create a serene, refreshing atmosphere in your home. To bring a bit of outdoor magic into your living space, choose furnishings, surfaces and colors that echo nature's beauty. Natural materials lend a sense of comfort and familiarity whether you prefer modern, rustic or minimalist style. Stone and brick are timeless, and interior designers keep these fresh by combining them with new colors, textures and shapes. Consider a stone or brick hearth if you prefer a classic look that projects warmth and coziness.

Live plants are the ultimate natural decor choice. They lend color and vibrancy with the added benefit of cleaning the air you breathe. Try creating a living wall with moss or other plants for a serious oxygen boost and a literal twist to the idea of a "living" room. Warm up your space even more with wood flooring, furniture and accents. Find pieces and textures that coordinate with your decor — they can be as traditional or as modern as you like. Exposed beams, stained window frames and wall paneling can transform an ordinary room into a one-of-a-kind retreat. Personalize with wood accent pieces like artistic carvings or bowls.

If you want to add character along with a nod to sustainability, try repurposing old wood or choose materials like bamboo and rattan. Versatile and stylish, these natural materials make great design choices for unique furnishings, durable flooring, elegant storage baskets, and chic decor.


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