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Keep Your Lawn Green With Less Water

Do you wish for a lush lawn without the high water bills? Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your grass fresh and green while conserving water.

Choose Drought-Resistant Grass

Certain types of grass stay green with less water. Consider reseeding with species like tall fescue or buffalo grass. Check with your local garden center for varieties that are best for your area.

Use a Rain Barrel System

Store rainwater by directing runoff from your gutter into a storage barrel. You can purchase an irrigation kit that attaches to the bottom of the barrel, then use the stored water when things get dry.

Keep Your Grass Taller

Longer grass can help lock in moisture, while short grass allows water to evaporate more easily. Keep your lawn mower deck between 3½ to 5 inches high to help conserve water and hold moisture in the soil. Be sure your mower blades are sharp.

Resist the Urge To Bag

An even layer of lawn clippings helps maintain moisture and provides a source of nutrients to keep your lawn green and healthy.


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