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Home Staging During the Holidays

If you're listing your home to sell during the holidays, it's important to be mindful of how you decorate and stage your space. Make your house look bright and inviting this season with these four suggestions.

Elevate curb appeal. Simple strands of white lights can accentuate the architecture of your house, and an elegant wreath on the front door provides a charming first impression. Save the giant inflatable characters for next year.

  • Scale back. A few tasteful decorations can help your house feel warm and cozy, but overdoing it will make the space feel too small and cluttered. If you put up a tree, minimize the ornaments and choose ones that blend with the color scheme of the room.

  • Depersonalize decor. Make it easy for buyers to envision having their own holiday celebrations in the home. Box up family holiday photos and keepsake creations your kids made in school.

  • Call attention to the best features. Use decorations to draw buyers' eyes toward special features, such as an attractive staircase, unique arched doorways, a beautiful fireplace mantel, or sunny bay windows.


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