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Home Additions That Will Boost Your Resale Value

Expanding your home doesn't just add square footage — it can also boost resale value. However, not all additions are created equal. Gain living space with these renovations that offer the biggest return on investment (ROI).

Home additions, boosting resale value

Outdoor Living Space

In addition to decks and patios, screened porches and three-season rooms offer a great ROI. They add relaxing and adaptable spaces, seamlessly merging indoor comfort with the joys of outdoor living.


Most buyers are looking for spacious kitchen floorplans. If your kitchen is too small or the design is inefficient, consider bumping out the space, if possible. Even minor kitchen remodels can yield some of the highest ROI.

Second Story

If your property constraints limit horizontal expansion, think vertically. Adding a second story to your home is complex and takes time, but increasing your square footage could attract potential buyers in the future. With careful budgeting, the ROI may be worth your time and effort.

Family Room

Homeowners looking to enlarge their space typically build onto the back of the structure to add more comfortable entertaining and living space. This is especially appealing if your house has a small living room.


If similar homes in your neighborhood have more bathrooms, or if your current number of bathrooms is insufficient for the number of bedrooms, adding a bathroom could be a wise choice. Besides a favorable ROI, an additional bathroom can improve your family's daily comfort and convenience.


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