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Design Trends in 2020

Even as a new year begins, interior design continues to be influenced by the events and emotions of 2020. After spending lots of extra time at home, many people are longing for a space that's both calming and inspirational. Here are four design trends to look for in 2021.

Natural elements – The pandemic caused people to crave more time outdoors, which amplified the already-trending style of bringing elements from nature inside. Look for natural wood or stone accents, live or dried plants, and artwork featuring flowers, trees and foliage.

Rich colors – As people stared at the walls of their homes this past year, many desired to add warmth to bare spaces. Color palettes in 2021 seek to soothe – look for rich, earthy hues, such as bronze, deep navy and muted green paired with darker-tinted neutrals.

Colorful kitchens in 2021

Textured walls –Materials such as stone, wood beams or wall paneling, and fabric upholstery add a tactile dimension to walls. For a less expensive update, faux texture created by marbled wallpaper also adds interest to any room of your house.

Colorful kitchens – The reign of all-white kitchens may be nearing its end. Look for more kitchens with light wood accents or cabinets painted in two different tones. Mixed metal fixtures and hardware add further personalization to the design.


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