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Create a Space for Video Calls

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, home listings usually highlighted features like spacious kitchens and deluxe en suite bathrooms. However, with the rise of remote work, a new point of interest is gaining traction: a room to Zoom. Not to be confused with ultra high-tech "Zoom Rooms," most homeowners are simply looking for a room or area of the house that has a visually appealing backdrop as well as adequate privacy for video conferences. Having an area that is constantly staged for video calls can be helpful for your own use as well as a future selling point. Here are four essentials to set up your space.

  1. Internet – Position the wireless router close by to ensure a strong, consistent internet connection.

  2. Lighting – Ideally, choose an area facing a window for natural light, or set up lamps on either side of your camera.

  3. Background – Create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the camera. Live plants, a minimally decorated bookshelf, wall hangings, or muted artwork are good options.

  4. Privacy – When a separate room isn't an option, use a privacy screen to create a quiet nook in the corner of a larger living space.


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