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7 Steps To Your Dream Space

Redecorating can be a blank canvas for creativity, allowing you to paint your personality across every inch of your home. These simple steps can help you transform any area into a space that mirrors your style and meets your needs.


  1. Start by deciding how you want the room to feel. Should it be calm and restful or exciting and energizing?

  2. Select a color palette to suit the intended mood.

  3. Once you've settled on the tone, explore magazines, websites and social media for inspiration.

  4. Choose practical furnishings and fabrics that can withstand wear and tear if you have kids or pets.

  5. Decide on an anchor piece, such as a couch, rug or occasional chair, then pick out complementary furniture and window treatments.

  6. Statement lighting can enhance and elevate the vibe.

  7. Finish with flair by selecting pillows and accessories to make the room uniquely your dream space.


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