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Design Tips for a Well-Functioning Home

Your home should be a place where you can relax and feel comfortable and content. But what if your house configuration doesn't fit with your design vision or family circumstances? Consider these steps to make your house a well-functioning home.

Perfect the layout. Mindfully walk through your home and take stock of how you use your space. Note what works well and what could be improved. Be practical, but don't be afraid to take steps to make it right for you. If your kitchen and dining room are cluttered or cramped, consider multifunctional furniture for storage. Don't discount the awkward areas in your house. Get creative with how to make them work best for your lifestyle. A small alcove could become a reading nook or a craft corner.

Declutter and organize. Consider your storage needs and create a system for organization. Assigning places to store specific items helps minimize the chance for clutter to take over.

Allow flexibility. Circumstances and needs shift over time, and your house should adapt to those changes. An open floor plan works well when you want to keep an eye on young children, but as they become teens, you may find that having separate areas allows everyone some privacy.

Personalize with color. Colors can impact how you feel in a space, so be sure the shades you choose for your home have a positive impact. Layering colors is a great way to strike the right balance of practicality and personality.


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